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Student Profile

Canterbury Academy is a special niche for a unique, intellectually curious and complex student. Our students are adult mentored and part of an adult facilitated peer group which forms a positive peer culture and is the basis for interaction, academics and social skill enhancement. It serves as a template from which our students can acquire, learn, practice and strengthen their social, emotional and intellectual skills.

  • Bright & Exceptional Student
  • Unique
  • Complex
  • Highly Specialized Interests
  • Passion to Learn and Create
  • Thrives with Mentors and 1:1 Attention
  • Coed
  • Grades 8 through12. Post graduate honors specialty and portfolio tracks available
  • International Honors Programs Available

  • (Acceptance via portfolio and project submission.)

The Canterbury Student

Canterbury Academy students are exceptional people. Some students need a customized and highly specialized classroom setting. Other students need expert mentors and professional guidance. There are students who respond best in a low ratio classroom. International students often need a cross-border classroom opportunity. Some students need opportunities for social and peer development with other bright and interesting students they can identify with and that reflect their own interests. Art, music and specialty students often need a year of mentored portfolio development. We welcome a true diversity of bright, interesting and talented students and young adults.

The Canterbury Student with Special Needs

Our students are outstanding, talented and multi-faceted. We welcome complex students and complex situations. Often exceptionally bright students are under achieving in school. Their performance does not match their intelligence and potential. Our team also has extensive expertise in working with complex issues such as social and school anxiety; transitions from boarding school or therapeutic boarding school; obsessive and compulsive disorders; Aspergers Disorder; reactive attachment if in transition from intensive integrated attachment therapy; transition from home school; bereavement; and some mild attention and concentration difficulties.



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