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Counseling and Advising
for Special Needs Students

Canterbury Academy believes in the value of a truly diverse student population. We custom design an academic plan for each student. We also create a social, emotional and personal growth plan for each student. This plan is in addition to the student’s incoming Individual Education Plan (IEP). The student’s personal growth plan is continually refined in collaboration with the student’s family, multi-disciplinary team, and the student’s own evolving goals.

Our students are exceptionally bright, talented and multi-faceted. We welcome complex students and complex situations. Often exceptionally bright students are under achieving in school. Their performance does not match their intelligence and potential. The Canterbury team also has extensive expertise in working with complex issues such as social and school anxiety; transitions from boarding school or therapeutic boarding school; obsessive and compulsive disorders; Aspergers Disorder; reactive attachment if in transition from intensive integrated attachment therapy; transition from home school; bereavement; and some mild attention and concentration difficulties.

We do not serve students with disorderly or disrespectful behaviors; drug or alcohol involvement; psychotic or paranoid disorders; legal or adjudicated status; or other severe psychiatric disorders. See link to Child and Family Guidance Center at for assistance with these more severe psychiatric difficulties.

The Canterbury Academy team focus is on performance enhancement.


Enhancement Goals

  • Production via Portfolio and Project Development & Presentation
  • International Honors Program
    (Honor students must meet higher criteria for presentation,
    competition and final exhibition)

  • Independence
  • Persistence
  • Friendship
  • Communication
  • Citizenship
  • Wider & Better Developed Interests
  • Executive Functions & Strategic Thinking & Planning
  • Generalizability of Skills Cross Settings
  • Transfer of Knowledge
  • Resilience
  • Pragmatics
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Pride
  • Happiness
  • New Skills & Interests
  • Critical and Comparative Thinking Skill Development
  • Written & Verbal Expression
  • Mastery & Self Esteem
  • Comfort with Challenge
  • Leadership

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