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Canterbury Academy is a private, independent day school for bright, curious, complex, and capable students (Grades 9 through 12, Post Graduate and International Honors Program). Founded in 2005, Canterbury Academy cultivates success in our students with rigorous curriculum, in-depth research, experiential learning, personal portfolio development, professional expert mentors, individualized instruction (1:1), social and performance pragmatics and character education. Our students aim to achieve the ideals of knowledge, citizenship, friendship and courage.

We believe in field exploration, research and experiential education. We learn by combining field work, friendship, mentorship and fun with scholarly pursuits, library research and portfolio and project development. Our school is classroom, laboratory, library, studio and expedition based. The academic design intentionally mixes this rigorous curriculum and experiential learning with field based exploration, international travel, expert professional mentors, guest lecturers/presenters and integrated social and performance pragmatics.

Canterbury Academy enjoys multiple classroom sites across the region in Seattle, on Bainbridge Island, and on the Olympic Peninsula. We cultivate collaborative relationships with content experts and multiple Northwest, Canadian and international learning communities, so we also regularly establish classrooms in Vancouver and Whistler British Columbia, Canada; Bend and Portland Oregon; and the wilds of the mountains, beaches and streams across the Northwest.

Great students often need performance enhancement and promotion of their most passionate individual interests. Our students have constant access to utilize many wonderful outdoor/environmental resources, arts, culture, diversity and academic institutions that Seattle, the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada can offer.

Canterbury Academy believes that social, emotional and performance pragmatics are paramount to creating a strong foundation for personal well-being, success and excellence. While rigorous academic study occurs in the classroom, our campus is not confined to the classroom setting. A thirst for adventure sends us traveling across the region in search of new experiences and applied learning opportunities. Field experience and applied learning bring depth and sophistication to our student’s thinking.

Our teachers and instructors are approachable and creative. They flex to meet our students’ needs. Canterbury teachers present students with rich content to meet their intellectual needs and challenge them to think deeper.

Canterbury Academy is a special niche for a unique, intellectually curious and complex student. Our students are adult mentored and part of an adult facilitated peer group which forms a positive peer culture and is the basis for interaction, academics and social skill enhancement. It serves as a template from which our students can acquire, learn, practice and strengthen their social, emotional and intellectual skills.


Student Experience

Courage to pursue our dreams and support our convictions
Friendship meaningful people to travel with on your journey through life
Citizenship creating your place in society and contributing to the community
Knowledge an endless journey

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